Maplewood Retirement Home

Affordable Assisted Living Facility


What we do here:

We provide "assisted living" only

All residents must:

  • be able to dress themselves (assistance is available on occasion when needed)
  • be able to toilet themselves
  • be able to walk in to the dining room for all meals ( with assistance of walker if needed)
  • be able to clean peri areas themselves in shower


we provide 3 meals a day, 

Breakfast-Continental breakfast served at 7:00 am

Lunch- soup or sandwich served at 11:00 am

Supper- Home made meal (Meat, Vegetables etc) served at 4:00pm 

Whats included with your monthly fees:
-$1875.00-$2300.00 per month

- 1 shower per week

- 1 room cleaning to include bed changing and laundry per week.

- Distribution of medication.

- extra showers and extra laundry will have an added charge.

-***cable and phone are the responsibility of the resident